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Nobody understands TV White Space better than Adaptrum. Whether you want to understand spectrum regulations in your area or how the technology can meet your unique needs, our team is ready to help.

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We built the Adaptrum solution to be easy to deploy. Our product documentation and technical support are always available to keep you on track.

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We know what it takes to keep a network running flawlessly so we provide technical support, documentation, software upgrades, and warranty and repair services to all our customers.

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FAQ: General Questions

ACRS 2.0 is the latest generation TVWS product built upon Adaptrum's innovative adaptive OFDMA platform, delivering unmatched rate versus range performance and interference resilience in the TV bands worldwide. The earlier generation Adaptrum TVWS system, ACRS 1.0, is the first cognitive radio system certified by the FCC and has been used in trials and demos around the world. Built upon the success of ACRS 1.0 and with significant performance and feature enhancements, ACRS 2.0 is the second generation Adaptrum TV White Space product specially targeting volume production and outdoor deployment.
Adaptrum has been shipping ACRS 2.0 radios to our preferred customers since the beginning of 2014. Hundreds of ACRS 2.0 radios have already been deployed in 15 countries across 4 continents. Radios have been running stably for more than 6 months now.
ACRS 2.0 is certified with Google TVWS and Iconectiv TVWS databases for commercial use in the US. US customers do not need an experimental license to operate the ACRS 2.0 radios. International customers need to consult with their radio spectrum regulators to obtain proper licenses to operate the ACRS 2.0 TVWS radios in their countries.

FAQ: Technical Questions

Range is heavily dependent on terrain and foliage. It also depends on channel frequency and background noise level. In most of our deployments, typical NLOS range is between 2 to 5 miles. Many ACRS2.0 radio links deployed have distances in excess of 5 miles. The longest distance reported by our customers is 12 miles.
With 6 MHz channel size, the measured TCP throughput is around 10 Mbps in good link conditions. With 8 MHz channel size, the measured TCP throughput is around 14 Mbps in good link conditions.
Under standard settings, the expected latency through the ACRS 2.0 radio system is between 10 to 20 msec.
Up to 12 clients may be supported by one base station on a single TVWS channel depending on your deployment environment and the distances between clients and base station, as well as your general network design.
Normally, ACRS 2.0 dynamically adjusts downlink/uplink ratio based on network traffic to optimize the link usage. But you can also manually select the ratio to fit your application requirement using Adaptrum’s network management software.
Adaptrum equipment works with TVWS databases that are certified with our equipment. Currently, Google and Iconectiv TVWS databases are certified for use with the ACRS 2.0 system.
ACRS 2.0 supports various UHF antennas including log-periodics and panels. Adaptrum can provide both types of antennas, which have been tested.
Adaptrum cannot guarantee optimal performance with every UHF antenna on the market. For this reason, we are supplying an Adaptrum qualified UHF antenna with all of our radios.
ACRS2.0 support channel bonding up to a maximum supported bandwidth of 10MHz.
Software updates can be pushed through our cloud-based network management software as well as local instances of the management software with a direct connection to the unit.
A benefit of Adaptrum’s solution is our cloud-based network management system, which will allow you to monitor and configure all of your radios remotely.
Client connection status can be monitored through Adaptrum management software.
Yes, Adaptrum management software has spectrum analysis capability and can provide estimates for each TVWS channel.
Yes, ACRS 2.0 can be remotely rebooted manually through the management software.
Yes, ACRS 2.0 automatically adjusts modulation depending on varying channel conditions.
Currently, ACRS 2.0 only has a fixed version available.