San Jose, CA
November 10, 2016

Adaptrum Powers Broadband for Isle of Arran
in UK’s First Commercial Rollout of TVWS

After recently receiving the first certification of ETSI compliance, Adaptrum today announced that working closely with Broadway Partners, Nominet, and Microsoft, Adaptrum devices have been deployed on the remote Isle of Arran as the first commercial broadband rollout of TV White Space (TVWS) in the UK and Europe.

Photo by Vincent van Zeijst

Initially covering the Macharie area on the west coast of the Isle of Arran, Broadway is offering broadband service powered by Adaptrum’s TVWS systems to residents and business in areas that have struggled with poor connectivity due to difficult terrain and heavy trees. Broadway plans to expand the use of TVWS to power better broadband across remote areas of Scotland and Wales. “Adaptrum TVWS provided us the opportunity to offer services in parts of the country that was previously impossible,” said Mark Wheeler, Director of Broadway Partners. “Not only are we able to offer affordable access to unserved remote communities, but the reach and capacity of TVWS solutions will allow us to explore urban ‘not-spots’ and smart city IoT applications too.”

Adaptrum was the first company to achieve ETSI compliance allowing Adaptrum certified TVWS equipment to be used to provide commercial services in the UK. Adaptrum devices are certified to achieve the highest and cleanest emission performance, called Class 1, giving access to all the white space with no risk of interference to existing TV services. As the only manufacturer with radios belonging to this class, the benefits of Adaptrum’s Class 1 performance are already becoming apparent in Arran with radios able to operate in all available channels and at higher power levels to maximize the capacity and range TVWS can provide.

For the rollout, Adaptrum and Broadway have worked closely with Nominet. Nominet’s OFCOM certified spectrum database enables Adaptrum radios to find unused channels with no interference. Commenting on the rollout, Dr. Pasquale Cataldi of Nominet said: "TV white space provides an elegant solution to problems of connectivity in remote areas, delivering wireless connectivity where other technologies would be ineffective. The Adaptrum radios are used extensively on the Isle of Arran to maximize the vacant TV spectrum and enable connectivity for residents and visitors.”

Haiyun Tang, CEO of Adaptrum said “The Arran rollout out shows how Adaptrum can help rural broadband providers achieve the most coverage and highest capacity using underutilized TV spectrum to provide affordable broadband access to remote homes and businesses throughout the UK.”

For more information on how to connect to the new service, please contact Broadway Partners.

About Adaptrum

Driving both technical and regulatory innovations, Adaptrum has pioneered the use of previously underutilized TV White Space spectrum. Founded by leading experts in wireless communications, our creative and experienced team is committed to fundamentally changing the wireless industry and enabling universally affordable broadband.

About Broadway Partners

Broadway Partners are a group of individuals who care passionately that large parts of the UK do not get the quality of broadband that they deserve. Broadway is a member of the Social Stock Exchange, which means they have to demonstrate the positive social impact of what they do, in addition to any return they generate for their investors.

About Nominet

Nominet is an international, Internet company based in Oxford and London. Nominet manages the TVWS database for UK commercial TVWS market. As an applied research group, the Nominet R&D team is hands-on with a number of applications that address real-world problems and sees great potential in the use of TV white space in both smart cities and connecting remote rural areas.

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