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Adaptrum pioneered the first radios that leveraged TVWS spectrum on a dynamic access basis, and continues to drive technical firsts through innovations in performance and architecture. Accessing TVWS spectrum requires intelligent technology to locate vacant channels at each radio’s location and dynamically construct a network. Adaptrum’s industry leading radios harness adaptive technology to detect optimal white spaces and establish reliable and high-performance communication.


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Adaptrum TVWS offers long-range sub-GHz propagation

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Penetration of obstructions such as walls and foliage

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Higher power-levels

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High availability of spectrum

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Low interference from existing systems

Dynamic Spectrum Access

The majority of spectrum is underutilized in most places most of the time. Adaptrum believes this is a missed opportunity. Spectrum licenses were originally created as a means of preventing interference before alternative technologies existed to allow frequencies to be shared. Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) radio communication technologies allow wireless devices to make use of spectrum that is assigned (licensed) but not in use by licensees, to ensure consumers and devices have wireless bandwidth when and where they need it.

Adaptrum was an early pioneer in the theory and implementation of radio technologies that make emerging dynamic spectrum access policies possible. Adaptrum dynamic spectrum access solutions help unlock licensed bands without interference, allowing for sharing available spectrum in a more coordinated way.

DSA technology offers several benefits:

  • Maximizes spectral efficiency
  • Minimizes barriers to market entry
  • Helps networks and markets scale to inexpensively deliver the services
  • Maximizes wireless innovation (technological & business)
  • Opens up vast amounts of clean spectrum at no cost

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Accessing TV
White Space
Around the World

TV White Space regulation has been established in countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore. Authorized spectrum databases are used to ensure interference-free operation in the TV band.

For more information on spectrum databases in your country and to find how many channels are available in a given area, the following spectrum database resources can be used. For complete list of spectrum database providers in your country, please check with your regulator.

A Path to Affordable Access History and State of TVWS Technology and Regulation



FCC issued first Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) to allow Unlicensed Operation in TV Broadcast Bands


Adaptrum Launched

Adaptrum founded to develop cognitive radio systems that can unlock valuable unused spectrum for unlicensed broadband access


FCC Testing

FCC conducted public testing of TVWS prototype devices, including the device submitted by Adaptrum, the only startup participating


TVWS rules approved

November 2008: FCC unanimously approved unlicensed use of television white spaces and adopted the first revision of TVWS rules


TVWS rules improved

FCC adopted second revision of the TVWS rules, which greatly facilitated the unlicensed use of the spectrum


UK launches TVWS trials

UK’s OfCom launches Cambridge TV Whitespace Trial to test TV White Space technology and demonstrate uses and applications


First spectrum database certified

FCC certified the first TVWS database provided by Spectrum Bridge


Adaptrum introduces ACRS1.0

Adaptrum introduced its first generation product, ACRS1.0, the first high performance and fully FCC compliant TVWS broadband system


First TVWS demonstration in Asia

Adaptrum and Microsoft demonstrate TV White Space in Manilla, Philippines, during the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank


Google spectrum database certified

November 2013: FCC certified the Google TVWS database together with Adaptrum’s ACRS1.0 system


Adaptrum ships ACRS2.0

April 2014: Adaptrum launches ACRS2.0 as the first commercial TVWS broadband system for volume production, and received FCC certification shortly after


TVWS goes global

Following success of TVWS in the US, UK, Singapore and Canada passed TVWS rules for commercial applications


ETSI compliance certification

Adaptrum received first certification for ETSi compliance for UK market and iDA approval in Singapore. ACRS 2.0 becomes the first commercial TVWS device to be certified for compliance in all regions world wide

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