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Adaptrum was an early pioneer in the theory and implementation of radio technologies that make emerging dynamic spectrum access policies possible. Adaptrum dynamic spectrum access solutions help unlock licenced bands without interference, allowing for sharing available spectrum in a more coordinated way.

Adaptrum invented the first radios that leveraged TVWS spectrum on a dynamic access basis, and continues to drive technical firsts through innovations in performance and architecture.

ACRS 2.0

Adaptrum’s ACRS2.0 provides long-range wireless broadband connectivity with unrivaled coverage, simple deployment, and reliability. These radios are ideal for supporting a range of wireless applications-from rural broadband for underserved communities, to wireless offload, to machine-to-machine communication.

Adaptrum Products

Long Distance. Amazing Penetration

10km NLOS




Reliable wireless broadband service anywhere

Remote Homes

Hilly Terrain

Heavy Foliage

Fast & Low Latency


Channel Efficiency

Up to

35 Mbps

Latency less than

15 ms

Robust delivery of streaming & interactive services

Dynamic Spectrum Access

Dynamic selection of best channels for optimal network planning



Cleanest out-of-band
emissions in the


spectrum costs

Unlicensed access
eliminates need to
buy or lease spectrum

Simple to Deploy

Weighs less than

4 lbs


outdoor enclosure

Flexible mounting

Wall & Pole

easy installations & flexible deployments with existing infrastructure anywhere in any weather

Globally Proven

Deployed in TVWS networks across the globe